30+ English sentences using ‘cum laude’

  1. After years of juggling work and studies, Michael finally graduated cum laude with a degree in engineering.
  2. Despite a challenging personal year, Jessica persevered and earned her bachelor’s degree cum laude in psychology.
  3. The valedictorian speech highlighted the impressive number of students graduating cum laude that year.
  4. Knowing her dream job required a high GPA, Amelia pushed herself and graduated cum laude in mathematics.
  5. With a cum laude degree in music, Antonio secured a coveted scholarship to study at a prestigious conservatory.
  6. Lisa’s parents beamed with pride as their daughter walked across the stage, a cum laude graduate in literature.
  7. The university president boasted about their high number of cum laude graduates, a mark of academic excellence.
  8. Surprised by her own success, Sarah jokingly remarked, “Who knew I could graduate cum laude?”
  9. Newspapers proudly announced the achievements of local students graduating cum laude from various universities.
  10. Earning a cum laude degree wasn’t just about grades; it represented Daniel’s passion for environmental science.
  11. While many aimed for summa cum laude, graduating cum laude was still a significant achievement for most students.
  12. The professor congratulated his students, particularly those graduating cum laude, for their exceptional work.
  13. The scholarship program specifically targeted cum laude graduates with a strong interest in public policy.
  14. After graduating cum laude in history, David landed his dream job as a researcher at a renowned museum.
  15. Despite facing language barriers, Elena graduated cum laude, showcasing her dedication to learning English literature.
  16. Balancing a part-time job and family responsibilities, Maria achieved the remarkable feat of graduating cum laude.
  17. The commencement speaker motivated graduating students, emphasizing that even a cum laude degree wasn’t the end goal, but the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning.
  18. The research team, composed primarily of cum laude graduates, made a significant breakthrough in the field of medicine.
  19. While some employers focused solely on summa cum laude graduates, others recognized the value of a cum laude degree.
  20. The university magazine featured profiles of outstanding graduates, including several cum laude recipients.
  21. Knowing her parents had sacrificed so much, Sarah was determined to graduate cum laude and make them proud.
  22. The news report highlighted the increasing number of cum laude graduates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.
  23. With her cum laude degree in business administration, Emily felt confident she could land a competitive position at a top company.
  24. The university implemented new academic programs specifically designed to help students achieve cum laude honors.
  25. Despite initial doubts, Thomas surprised himself and everyone else by graduating cum laude in philosophy.
  26. The commencement ceremony buzzed with excitement as graduates, including many cum laude recipients, prepared to enter the next chapter of their lives.
  27. The rigorous curriculum was designed to challenge students and ultimately prepare them for the achievement of cum laude or even summa cum laude.
  28. While some universities celebrated all graduating students, others placed a special emphasis on cum laude graduates.
  29. Looking back at her college experience, Ashley cherished the memories, friendships, and of course, the accomplishment of graduating cum laude.
  30. Earning a cum laude degree wasn’t just about personal satisfaction; it opened doors to prestigious graduate programs and competitive job opportunities.
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