Break a leg idiom meaning and sentence examples

Here’s the meaning and some sentence examples for the idiom “break a leg”:


  • Break a leg is a common expression used to wish someone good luck, especially in the world of performing arts (acting, dancing, singing, etc.).


  • The exact origin is unclear, but it’s believed to stem from a theatrical superstition. Saying “good luck” was thought to bring bad luck to the performance. “Break a leg” became a more lighthearted and hopefully less jinxing alternative.

Sentence Examples:

  • General Performance:
    • “It’s almost showtime! Break a leg out there tonight, Sarah!”
    • “The nervous butterflies are fluttering, but I know you’ll do great. Break a leg!”
    • “The entire cast gathered backstage, wishing each other luck with a chorus of ‘break a leg!'”
  • Specific Performances:
    • “The director gave the actors a pep talk before the play, reminding them to have fun and break a leg.”
    • “With her heart pounding, the ballerina took a deep breath and stepped onto the stage. Break a leg!”
    • “The band huddled together before their first big gig. Deep breaths everyone, and break a leg!”
  • Informal Use:
    • “You aced that presentation! Break a leg in your next interview!” (Note: While not directly related to performing arts, it can be used for similar situations where someone is putting themselves out there.)

Important Note:

  • Break a leg is meant to be a positive and encouraging expression. It should not be taken literally. No one actually wants the performer to break a leg!
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