What does strew mean?

Strew means to scatter things in an unorganized way, often across a surface. Here are some breakdowns of the meaning:

  • Scattering things: Imagine tossing flower petals or seeds on the ground. You wouldn’t be neatly placing them, but rather letting them fall in a spread-out way. That’s strewing.
  • Untidiness: Strewing usually implies a messy result. So, strewing clothes on the floor would leave them in a disorganized pile, not neatly folded.
  • Surface area: While strewing can happen in the air (like confetti), it most often refers to spreading things out over a surface like a floor, table, or piece of land.

Examples of “Strew” in Sentences

  • She strewed rose petals along the pathway for the wedding ceremony.
  • The farmer strewed seeds across the field by hand.
  • After the picnic, the children strewed their toys all over the lawn.


  • Scatter
  • Disperse
  • Spread
  • Sprinkle


“Strew” is often used to describe a spreading action that is somewhat haphazard or random, without a specific order or pattern.

Here are some examples of how strew is used in a sentence:

  • After the party, the floor was strewn with empty cups and napkins.
  • The gardener carefully strewed wildflower seeds across the meadow.
  • The path to the wedding ceremony was strewn with rose petals.
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