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TQWL full form and means

The full form of “TQWL” is “Tatkal Quota Waiting List.” It is a term used in the Indian railway reservation system. Here’s a breakdown of what it means:

  • Tatkal Quota: This is a special reservation category introduced by Indian Railways to accommodate passengers who need to book tickets on short notice. The Tatkal booking starts one day in advance of the journey date, and the tickets are sold at a premium rate compared to regular reservations.
  • Waiting List (WL): When all available seats under a particular quota are booked, the system starts a waiting list. Passengers on the waiting list get confirmed tickets only if there are cancellations or additional coaches are added.

Therefore, TQWL (Tatkal Quota Waiting List) refers to passengers who have booked under the Tatkal quota but do not have confirmed tickets yet. Their tickets will only be confirmed if there are cancellations or other changes that free up seats in the Tatkal quota.

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