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fw full form in chat

In most online chats, fw actually isn’t an abbreviation with a formal full form. It’s internet slang derived from the phrase “f*ck with”.

FW = f*ck with

The asterisk represents a censored letter. Here’s how “fw” is generally used:

  • Expressing that you like something: “I don’t usually like country music, but I really fw this new song by Billy Bob.”
  • Saying you vibe with someone or something: “We should hang out more, I really fw your energy.”
  • Indicating you want to interact with someone or something, though it can lean negative: “I’m gonna fw that dude for cutting me in line.” (Note that this is less common usage.)

Be aware that “fw” is informal and might not be suitable for all conversation contexts.

FW = Forward

In chat and online communication, “FW” typically stands for “Forward.” It’s often used to indicate that a message, email, or other content is being forwarded from one person to another.

This abbreviation is commonly seen in email subject lines and chat messages to inform the recipient that the content is being passed along from someone else.

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