Expunged Definition & Meaning

To expunge something means to completely remove or erase it. Here’s a breakdown of the word’s meaning:

  • Verb: Expunge is used as a verb, meaning an action you take.
  • Formal: It’s a more formal word than simply “delete” or “erase.”
  • Completely Remove: Expunging something implies removing it entirely, not just hiding it.

Here are some contexts where you might use expunge:

  • Removing information from a document: “The editor expunged the offensive remarks from the article.”
  • Deleting a record: “After several years of good behavior, he petitioned to have his criminal record expunged.”
  • Trying to forget something: “She tried to expunge the memory of the accident from her mind.”

Legal context: Expungement is also a legal term referring to the process of officially erasing a criminal record. This doesn’t always mean the record is completely gone, but it can make it difficult to access.

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