Zoom will soon let you report meeting participants to help bust Zoombombers

Zoom will soon let you report meeting participants to help bust Zoombombers

Zoom adds a way for hosts to report meeting attendees, according to app release notes published on April 19 ((via PC Mag). In theory, this could help the company track down trolls who support Zoom calls and share inappropriate material, a practice better known as “Zoombombing”. Zoom indicates that the reporting functionality will be available in an update scheduled for release on Sunday, April 26.

“This functionality will generate a report which will be sent to the Zoom Trust and Safety team to assess any abuse of the platform and block a user if necessary,” said Zoom in the release notes. Account owners and administrators will be able to enable the setting. Zoom declined to comment when The edge asked for more details on the policy.

As the use of Zoom exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform became a potential target for pranks and harassment through methods such as Zoombombing. To help prevent Zoombombing, the company has enabled passwords and waiting rooms for meetings by default for free users and for users with a single license on the cheapest level of Zoom on April 5 .

Zoom also removed the meeting IDs from the meeting title bars on April 8 – before that, sharing screenshots of meetings on social media could reveal that meeting ID and potentially allow people to join your meeting without to be invited. Federal prosecutors have also warned that there could be important legal implications for Zoombombing.



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