Zoom admits it doesn’t have 300 million users, corrects misleading claims

Zoom admits it doesn’t have 300 million users, corrects misleading claims

Zoom admitted that it does not have 300 million active users per day. Admission came after The edge noted that the company had quietly published a blog article making the statement earlier this month. Zoom originally declared it had “more than 300 million daily users” and “more than 300 million people worldwide use Zoom during this difficult period”. Zoom later deleted these references from the original blog post, and now claims “300 million daily attendees at the Zoom meeting.”

The difference between a daily active user (DAU) and a “meeting participant” is significant. Participants in daily meetings can be counted multiple times: if you have five Zoom meetings in one day, you are counted five times. A SAD is counted once a day and is commonly used by businesses to measure the use of services. Only counting meeting attendees is an easy, somewhat misleading, way to make the use of your platform seem more important than it is.

The misleading blog was published on April 24, one day after the news hit the headlines around the world. After The edge Yesterday, solicited comments from Zoom, the company added a note to the blog post admitting the error yesterday and provided the following statement:

“We are humble and proud to help more than 300 million participants in daily meetings stay connected during this pandemic. In an April 22 blog post, we unintentionally called these participants “users” and “people.” When we realized this error, we adjusted the wording to “participants”. It was a real oversight on our part. “

Zoom’s growth has been impressive, but the company hasn’t provided a daily number of active users. The use of the zoom increased from 10 million participants in daily meetings in December to 300 million this month. Competitors like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet seem to be closing the gap, however. Microsoft said yesterday that it now has 75 million daily active team users, a jump of 70% in a month. Microsoft also registered 200 million meeting attendees on a single day this month.

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Google Meet adds about 3 million new users each day and has reached more than 100 million daily meeting attendees recently. Cisco also revealed earlier this month that it has a total of 300 million Webex users and has registered nearly 240,000 registrations in 24 hours. Cisco has not yet provided the number of participants in daily meetings or the daily number of active users.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others are still chasing Zoom with new features and free services. Google made its Meet service free this week, and Microsoft and Google have increased the number of people you can see simultaneously in response to the popular Zoom gallery.


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