YouTube begins testing native "Picture in Picture" function for iOS

YouTube begins testing native “Picture in Picture” function for iOS

Youtube is testing on iOS 14 the native function Picture in Picture, to be released soon on devices ios and iPadOS.

Picture in Picture from Youtube on iPhone

Initially Youtube was reluctant to implement this feature in her app to ios and iPadOS, but it seems that they have changed their minds and are going to use it from iOS 14.

If you don’t know what the function is Picture in Picture (PiP) We tell you that it is the possibility of watching videos while doing other things on your iPhone. For example, you can watch a tutorial on our channel Youtube, exit the application, go to answer some WhatsApp and continue watching the video on a small screen located in the part you want on the screen.

It is a function that is enabled in iPad since iOS 9 and that Manzana you are going to enable it in iPhone from iOS 14.

Watch Youtube videos on iPhone using Picture in Picture:

Below we share a video, which has been shared in Twitter, in which you can see the operation of what we have told you:

We see it executed in iPadOS but it can also be used in ios.

In iPad The PiP function is available since iOS 9 but with Youtube it did not work.

Video of APPerlas TV running on PiP

Video of APPerlas TV running on PiP

The downside of all this is that there are rumors that in order to use this function, we will have to sign up for Youtube Premium.

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It is a way to draw the attention of millions of users who are resisting using the payment service of Youtube. Then it will possibly be a good time to accept the free month they constantly offer us. Yes, we can test this novelty and all the advantages offered by its subscription service.

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