You have crawler errors, which can lead to lost income – Fixed

You have crawler errors, which can lead to lost income - Fixed

This article is specifically about an error or notification on your Google AdSense dashboard that says “You have crawler errors, which can lead to lost income“.

However, there are different types of robot errors, such as Robot refused, page not found (also known as a 404 error), you have crawler errors for a site that I do not manage, etc.

How to fix Google AdSense crawler issues?

The most common and what we have in the image above is for the page not found also known as a 404 error.

We have a solution to AdSense crawler issues that says page not found error.

First of all, we need to check which url is affected.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on the action button as shown in the notification. You can also click Account in the left pane and select Policy Center

  • This will display the results on the right side.
  • Here in, under Sites with problems, you will see the relevant website page or URL. Click on the result to dive in depth.

how to fix adsense ad crawler errors

2nd step. You will now see the page issues. For example, in our case, Problem type: Crawler: Page not found

and there is an affected page with a url…%E2%80%8B

page not found in Google crawler error

What we have found so far is that Google Crawler cannot find this particular page or URL on this website (Crawler: Page not found).

The reason could be one, such as either page does not exist or never exists, the page or URL may be deleted, the URL may be changed, etc.

To check and confirm, you can copy this url and open it in a new tab of any web browser and paste it there, tap Enter.

Most likely. It comes with “Oops! This page cannot be found” Or “404 errorWhich is similar.

page not found error

This clearly means that this page or URL does not exist on the website, therefore AdSense launches ad crawler errors.

How to fix “You have crawler errors, which can lead to lost income”?

To correct or resolve the Google AdSense error “You have crawler errors, which can lead to lost income“, We need to stop Google Crawler to check this URL.

Thinking ??, how can we do it?

This can be done from Google Search Console or; ownership of your site is added to crawling.

Now the rest of the steps we have to do on Google Search Console.

To connect to Google Search Console

To note: Make sure you have copied this URL. For example: in our case it is…%E2%80%8B

  • In the left pane, click Removals
  • Click on NEW REQUEST button on the right.

block url on google search console

The new request page will open on your screen. Now follow the steps below:

  1. Select the DELETE HIDDEN URL tongue
  2. Paste the URL we already copied above
  3. Select “Remove this URL onlynot the other
  4. Finally, click on next to complete the process.

Ads crawler problem in AdSense

The moment you are done with all the steps. You are free to click on To reject option displayed in the notification.

Therefore, the next time a Google crawler runs on your site (usually a day or two or in a few days), that URL will not be found in the crawler error.

Admittedly, the Google AdSense notification of you have crawler errors, which can lead to lost income will be gone.

To note: For me, this notification automatically disappears after 3 days. The duration may vary in your case.

In addition, for more information, read this article

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