You do not stay behind with this app to learn a language you want

You do not stay behind with this app to learn a language you want

If you want learn a language that you have always wanted to know, the app Falou It is a good option to consider for this.

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Learn the language you want

The languages ​​are really important. They open many doors for us and they cannot be more useful if we leave our country. But, it is possible, that many people do not have time to go to academies. And that is why the apps to learn.

Today we are talking about one of them, called Falou. This application allows learning a total of 10 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Dutch. And it has a method by which we adapt ourselves.

In this app to burn a language you can choose between 10 languages ​​and several ways to learn

The first thing we have to do is select the language we want to learn. Next we have to choose between three options: if we do not know how to speak or know the language, if we are afraid to speak in that language, or if our accent is bad.

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One of the app’s lessons

If we choose that we do not know how to speak the language, we will learn the basics quickly in order to have conversations. For its part, when choosing to be afraid to speak, a variety of everyday situations will be practiced in order to communicate, and if we choose that we have a bad accent, we can improve our pronunciation and speak with confidence.

Depending on the option chosen, the lesson exercises will vary. These lessons are found in the Lessons section of the application, where we can see all the app. All of them are made up of exercises of all kinds.

app to learn a falou 3 languageapp to learn a falou 3 language

Word lessons

Not only does it have General Lessons, it also has specific word lessons that are more visual and help us to memorize better. And a very interesting function, are the sleeping lessons, sound lessons that will help you sleep while we practice the language, which can help to further strengthen the language.

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This app for learning languages ​​has a subscription and can be annual, semi-annual or monthly. That is why the best thing you can do is download and test the app.

Download the Falou app and learn the language you like the most

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