You can now play season 19 of Clash Royale

You can now play season 19 of Clash Royale

The Clash Royale season 19, the new season with which the year 2021 opens, is now available to play in the game.

A new season comes to the game

How could it be otherwise, with the arrival of a new month and, this time in addition to a new year, Clash Royale has already launched your new season in the game. It is based on the Ice Wizard And, although the Christmas details disappear, it is a very wintry season.

The first thing we see in the season is the new Arena. In this new Sand Legendary we see a redesign that leaves the Christmas details behind. It is a well-known Arena, the Peak Ice cream, and it has designs and details related to cold and snow. Something quite appropriate considering that the season is based on the Ice Wizard.

Clash Royale season 19 is based on the Ice Wizard

In addition to, as usual, the redesign of the Sand Legendary, we also find the typical novelties of the seasons of the game. There is a new Pass Royale with the usual rewards, but new tower skins arrive, with the aesthetics of the season, as well as a new emoji of the Wizard of Ice.

clash royale 3 season 19

This is the Legendary Arena this time

In this way, we can obtain a total of 35 rewards, if we do not acquire the Pass Royale or a total of 70, including the skin and the exclusive emoji if we decide to purchase the Pass Royale at a price of € 5.49 for the whole season.

As the season is based on the Wizard of Ice, this will be the new enhanced card throughout the season. But not only is that card, but the last card presented by Supercell will also be boosted to the maximum level for Clash Royale: the Legendary Witch Mother.

clash royale 2 season 19

The two empowered cards this time

New challenges also arrive, as usual, with which we can win different rewards such as cards, emojis, gold and even gems. It is, therefore, a season quite similar to the previous ones. What do you think of this season of Clash Royale?


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