You can now create GIFs on your iPhone without downloading any app

You can now create GIFs on your iPhone without downloading any app

If you want create GIFs from your iPhone or iPad, now you can do it and without having to download any third-party application …

 create GIFs

Create GIFs

Today we are going to teach you create GIFs from iPhone or from any other device, thanks to a new function that the developers have taken from the now famous Giphy.

We remember that this company is the most powerful and the one with the greatest number of GIFs has so far. Until now you could only search through its extensive library and select the one you liked the most. But these same developers have created a service from which we can create our own GIFs.

We already taught you in his day, that using Live Photos, we could send them by Whatsapp as if from a GIF it will be. But this time it is much better and we can create them from any device.

How to create GIFs from any device:

What we must do is access the link that we will provide below, from which we will access the service that we have spoken about. This is the link:

By accessing this link from any of our devices, we will be able to create any type of GIF with the photos and videos that we have in our library. Although we can also take photos and videos at the same moment.

Once we access the Url that we have provided, we will see a menu like this …

create GIFs 1create GIFs 1

Upload or create a photo or video

We advise that you must have an active Giphy account to be able to create the Gif. If you don’t have it, you will have to create it.

We select the option we want and then we look for a photo or video. When it is uploaded to the web we will have to modify, if we want, the video as we like the most so that the GIF just as we want it.

create GIFs 2create GIFs 2

Save the created GIF

We are clicking on the «Next» button until we have it available to download. Now we will have our GIF ready to send, share or save it in our library for when we need it.

In this simple way we can create GIFs from the iPhone or from any other device, without the need to download any application that takes up memory.


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