Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for iPhone. Possibly the best bracelet for iOS

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for iPhone. Possibly the best bracelet for iOS

We will tell you about the new smartband of Xiaomi. Bracelet Mi Band 5 for iPhone, It is one of the best accessories you can buy for your mobile, in terms of quality price.

My Band 5 for iPhone

Mi Band 5 for iPhone

We are ardent defenders of the devices of Manzana but there are also many iphone accessories that we are from the apple and that are worth mentioning. One of them are the bands of Xiaomi.

Based on the experience we have with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4We are going to talk about the news that this new bracelet brings, which will surely be one of the best selling accessories of the year.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for iPhone:

In the following video you can see our analysis of the Band 4. We passed it to you because the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It is the same but with the improvements that we are going to comment after the video:

As soon as we can, we will upload the video about our review of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

It is an authentic past. We continue to use the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in our workplace and when we go to places that can harm our Manzana Watch, such as the beach, and it works wonderfully. It has everything we need to be connected to “our virtual world.”

If we are happy with last year’s version, version 5 of this smartband you will love it. If you want to buy one My Band of Xiaomi We recommend that you buy version 5, although version 4 is also a very good option whenever you want to save some money.

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What’s new in version 5 of the Xiaomi SmartBand:

These are the improvements that the new bracelet of Xiaomi referring to its previous version:

My Band 4 VS My Band 5My Band 4 VS My Band 5

My Band 4 VS My Band 5

Now the new bracelet is much more functional and sporty. Xiaomi has refined its metrics by offering sleep phases and performing automatic pulse readings more frequently than Band 4, so the graphs and statistics are much more accurate.

Regarding sports disciplines, say that 5 new disciplines have been added with respect to the 6 we had in the previous version of My Band. Altogether these are all available sports activities: elliptical machine, yoga, rowing machine, exercise bike, skipping rope, treadmill, running, cycling, swimming, walking and free training.

It must be said that, in the Health section, women can also track their menstrual cycle.

My Band 5 brings support for NFC but, at the moment, that model will not be available in Spain.

Another novelty is that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It gives us the possibility of controlling, remotely, the camera of our device with which we can shoot photos remotely.

Xiaomi BraceletXiaomi Bracelet

Xiaomi bracelet

Some improvements that make this accessory better than its previous version.

Negative things about version 5 of the bracelet:

What we do have to say is that the battery life is not as long as in My Band 4. If for that version it is 2o days, for the Band 5 It is 15. This is something to expect if we take into account the improvements that the bracelet brings, especially in the health section.

If you want to buy this xiaomi smartband here we pass the link:

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We recommend it because it is, without a doubt, one of the best bracelets compatible with iPhone, in terms of quality price.

We remind you that we have, in our APPerlas store, a lot of accessories and devices tested by us, that we recommend you buy. Access it by pressing the link that we have left you in this same sentence.


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