WWDC 2021 already has a confirmed date and calendar

WWDC 2021 already has a confirmed date and calendar

The Apple Developers Conference, better known as WWDC, already has confirmed dates and calendar for this year 2021.

WWDC 2021

Usually, in June, always takes place one of the most important events of Manzana. We talk about the WWDC and this year will be celebrated between the days June 7 and 11 and, as happened last year due to the pandemic of COVID19, It will be carried out completely onlineand. But, in addition to the dates, we already know all the details of that week.

With regard to users as such, what is really interesting is the Keynote which always takes place on the first day of WWDC, in this case, on June 7 at 7 pm Spanish time. In it we can see all the new Apple operating systems such as iOS 15, macOS or watchOS 8.

The most important appointment is, without a doubt, the Keynote on June 7 at 7:00 p.m. in Spain

But in addition to operating systems, it is likely that, as it has done on other occasions, Apple will also present new products. Although this has not always happened, it would not be unreasonable to think about it due to the previous precedents and to present new devices that go hand in hand with the new operating systems.

In addition to the all-important KeynoteThere are also other events scheduled throughout the week. Developers will have access to all courses and other content about the featured software that will take place throughout the week. And, in the same way, they will be able to interact with part of the Apple team.


What will be hidden in these glasses?

It should also be remembered that in this week of the WWDC twenty-one The Apple Design Awards “gala” will also be held, in which from Manzana they reward apps and games that they think stand out above the rest.

We can see how the WWDC from 2021 It will be practically the same as that of 2020, but what do you think of it? What do you most want to see during the WWDC 2021 and the Keynote of the first day?


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