wp-admin login localhost

The address to access the WordPress administration panel on your local machine (localhost) is:


Here’s a breakdown:

  • http://: This indicates it’s a standard web connection (not secure, but fine for localhost).
  • localhost: This refers to your own computer.
  • wordpress: This is the directory where your WordPress installation resides. If you installed it in a different directory, replace “wordpress” with that directory name.
  • wp-admin/: This is the folder containing the WordPress administration files.

Additional tips:

  • Some Local development environments (like XAMPP) might use a different port than the standard 80. In that case, the address might look like http://localhost:8080/wordpress/wp-admin/.
  • If you’ve changed the default WordPress login address for security reasons, the process will be slightly different. You might need to consult your website’s documentation for the new address.
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