Working with MacBook and iPad … Which of the two do I prefer?

Working with MacBook and iPad ... Which of the two do I prefer?

I’m going to tell you about my experience with him Macbook Y iPad. I have been able to try both devices and I will tell you what they seemed to me and which of them I would choose.

MacBook and iPad … Which one do I prefer?

People talked to me about Macbook non-stop so I decided to buy one and give it a try. I bought the MacBook Air M1. At first it was difficult for me to adapt, since it came from the PC of Windows, but in a couple of days I had it under control.

I have always worked with a iPad with MagicKeyboard and mouse and with PC I have done it on a few occasions, especially cWhen he had to deliver an official document.

For my work use, the iPad Air 4 that I have is perfect. I tell you: I do office automation work, let him Word and the Excel they are close friends of mine (and pay for them). I write to you using Google Keep, the app of Notes Y WordPress. I edit the photos (I adjust them in size, nothing more) with the app Photo size.

Yes it is true that the battery of the Macbook lasts much longer than the iPad, but it has no major problem to start charging it at the end of the workday, really. What’s more iPadOS is an extension of ios it already gives me more.

Between the MacBook and iPad… the iPad offers me everything I need:

iPad Air 4 with Magic Keyboard

iPad Air 4 with Magic Keyboard

Having, as I have, the iPad Air 4 And using it for what I use it, it is enough for me and I have plenty, really. Yes, the Magic Keyboard It’s fundamental. In fact it is the same as the Mac keyboard … It is a very expensive keyboard, extremely expensive (339 €), but it’s worth every penny you spend.

The Macbook I like it because the keyboard it mounts reminds me a lot of that of the Magic Keyboard and its journey and sensation at the time of writing, for me it is unique. It gives me everything.

Sure, but spend more than € 1,000 something because you like the keyboard….

I will continue to use the Macbook for certain things, but the iPad it gives me what I really need. Its synchronization with the iPhone is total and its unique portability. In summer telecommuting from anywhere and the tablet Manzana it lets me do it and it also fits in almost all my bags.

One of the things I like the most about iPadOS is its similarity with ios and the fast synchronization between both platforms. It is true that thanks to AirDrop synchronization between Mac and the iPhone is very fast, but between the iPad and the iPhone it’s brutal. That thing about writing something on the iPhone and turning on the iPad and you have it there is amazing.

People who know me know, I’m pro iPad (with Magic Keyboard, yes) and pro iPhone, but MacOS, I do not like it that much. I do not dislike it and I am getting the hang of it, but I am not enthusiastic about it.

And you?.


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