With Weather Fit you can know what clothes to wear with the weather

With Weather Fit you can know what clothes to wear with the weather

The application Weather Fit It allows us to know in a very visual way what clothes we should wear by the weather and the temperature.

Curious weather app

With all the weather changes, especially in winter, many people have a great dilemma many times: what clothes to wear to avoid being cold or hot. This is something that ends up being solved, but if you want it to be much simpler, the app we are talking about today will help you do so.

The app is called Weather Fit and it is, in addition to being useful, highly visual. After a series of configurations such as the choice of man or woman or granting the app location permissions, it will show us our character with the clothes that we should wear depending on the weather conditions.

In Weather Fit we can choose if we like to wear more or less warm clothes

First of all we will see our character with the appropriate clothes at the current moment in which we open the application. But if we slide the screen to the left we will see what we should wear throughout the day.

weather fit iphone ipad 1 weather app

Dress according to the weather

All this is accompanied by the main conditions such as temperature, rainfall and atmospheric sensation. But, if we go down on the screen we can see much more precise and complete meteorological information.

This app also gives us the possibility to customize our character. By accessing the settings we can customize their appearance by changing the hair, skin color, etc., as well as the wardrobe. But, in addition, we can choose if we prefer to wear more or less light clothes, so that the app adapts much more to us.

weather fit iphone ipad 3 weather app

The customization possibilities of the app

Weather Fit is an application that can be downloaded and used for free. Of course, we can find some ads and, to eliminate them and get all the functions, we will have to make use of the in-app purchases. We recommend you download it and try it.

Download this curious and useful weather app


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