With this Invisible Friend app you can easily make the raffle

With this Invisible Friend app you can easily make the raffle

With the Invisible Friend app What we are talking about today you can create the Christmas raffle completely quickly and easily.

App to get around the Invisible Friend

The dates christmas, in this very dystopian year, they are getting closer and closer. Dates of meals, dinners and gifts. and, in many houses, it is increasingly common to give gifts doing the Invisible Friend draw. That is why today we bring you a simple app with which you can do it.

The app is called My invisible friend and, as you will see, it is really easy to use. The first thing we have to do is choose a design for the giveaway that we want to create. We can choose from a total of six different designs.

This Invisible Friend app handles almost every aspect of the giveaway

Once the design has been chosen app It will take us to a new screen where we can add the details. Among them the name of the event, the date on which the gift must be given, the minimum and / or maximum cost of the gift, and a personalized message if we want it.

my invisible friend 1 invisible friend app

First you have to create the event to give away

When we have finished this step, we can add the participants of the draw. The app gives us the option to add them by directly accessing the contacts. But, if we do not want to give permission, we can do it manually by adding name and surname and email or phone number.

The next thing will be to configure some details, such as gifts that people want or if someone should not give to someone specific. Something very useful to avoid gifts between people who live together or repeated gifts. Once all this is finished, the app will send the message through the way we have added. In this simple way we will have made our Invisible Friend raffle.

invisible friend app my invisible friend 2

We can add contacts manually

The application can be downloaded for free. With it you can carry out the draw and make use of the basic functions, but if we want to access more functions and many participants we will have to buy the version Pro for a price of € 4.49. If you are going to do the raffle this year, we recommend you download it.

Download this app with which you can make the raffle for your Invisible Friend


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