With this app you will be able to know all the Netflix news

With this app you will be able to know all the Netflix news

The app New on Flix lets us know all the Netflix news in any country so you don’t miss any series or movie.

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Essential app if you have a Netflix subscription

Netflix it has become a precious commodity during confinement. Many of us already had a subscription and many people who did not have it yet decided to subscribe. And is that the number of series and movies we find are the perfect entertainment.

Not surprisingly, in Netflix there are series and films that are renewed and others that are not. But also it happens that, monthly, they are adding new series and movies. And not only that, but there are also movies and series that come out of the catalog.

With this app we will not only be able to know the Netflix news but also the series and movies that leave the platform

The amount of content makes it difficult to know that it premieres and disappears from Netflix. But, thanks to the application New on Flix That will not happen again since we can all know what opens and disappears from the platform. All this in a very simple way.

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Content that leaves Netflix

The first thing to do, when opening the app is to select the country in which we are subscribed to Netflix. This is because the catalog of the platform varies in each country. By doing this we will see a series of sections at the bottom.

The first one is News. In this section we will see the news of the last days. We can configure how many days we want those last days to be, and the more days we select, the more series and movies will appear.

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The news coming to Netflix

But, the most important sections are Expires and Soon. In the first one we will see all the movies and series that will disappear from the platform and when they will. For its part, soon, the series and movies that will reach Netflix along with the date on which we can see them.

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Of course New on Flix It is a very good way of not missing any premiere in Netflix. If you have a subscription to the streaming platform we recommend you download this app free.

Download New on Flix and don’t miss any series or movie

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