With this app you can improve Instagram Stories

With this app you can improve Instagram Stories

Grideo is an app with which improve Instagram Stories and give them a more personal touch thanks to all the options available.

With this app you can improve Instagram Stories

Impress your followers with your Stories

The Stories or Instagram Stories it is part of the daily life of those who use the app. Either because we see those that other users upload or because we upload ourselves Stories to our profile. And, for the majority of occasions that are stories, the tools offered by Instagram itself are more than enough.

But it is possible that there are people who look for more tools to improve even more their Stories. And that’s what the app offers Grideo since it has many tools with which we can customize and further improve the Stories.

Grideo has many options to improve Instagram Stories

When opening the app we will see, initially, the section of Inspiration. In it we can see, with a design very similar to that of the App Store, different ideas and tips to get the best results using the application.

improve instagram stories 3With this app you can improve Instagram Stories

Some of the templates that we can use

But, to start creating and improving our Stories, we have to use any of the three other sections. From them we can access directly, to Collages, our Drafts and even to templates that can be useful to us.

When we start a project, we will see that we can choose between multiple options. Thus, we can select different arrangements with different shapes, different sizes, change the border or the shape color, add stickers as well as text. All with multiple customization options. And, combining several, you can obtain Stories great.

improve instagram stories 4With this app you can improve Instagram Stories

Funny Stickers to add

The application can be downloaded in a completely free although, to make use of all its functions, it is necessary to acquire one of the subscriptions it offers, either weekly, monthly or annually. If you want to improve your Stories, do not hesitate to download and try the application.

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Download Grideo and create better Stories and Posts for Instagram

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