With this app you can fill in documents from iPhone and iPad

With this app you can fill in documents from iPhone and iPad

Adobe Fill & Sign is an application of Adobe with which we can fill in documents from iPhone Y iPad, as well as signing them.

A very interesting productivity app

To a greater or lesser extent, we all know Adobe. And it is that it has a large part of the most used apps and programs both on a mobile level as desktop. Today, we are talking about an app Adobe which has caught our attention because of how useful it can be.

It is an application with which we can fill out and sign, from our devices and without further complication, documents that, usually, we would have to fill out either from a computer or by hand after printing them.

The Adobe app to fill in documents from iPhone and iPad is completely free

When we open the app we will see a test form. If we open it, we will be able to see all the functions that the application offers, among them, the possibility of filling in the documents as we want, signing, selecting options, or correcting errors.

fill documents from iPhone adobe fill and sign 2

Filling out the test form

In order to choose one of our documents, we will have to select the option “Select a form to fill out” on the main screen and choose between any of the options that the app gives us to obtain the form to fill out. Once selected, we can fill it out or sign it. But, at the bottom of the main screen there are two very interesting options that make it much easier to fill in the documents.

The first one, with the icon of a person, allows us to fill in our data such as name and address among many others, so that the app automatically fills in the fields of the documents. And, the second option allows us to create signatures to add them, also automatically, to the documents.

fill documents from iPhone adobe fill and sign 3

We can add the signatures we want

Adobe Fill & Sign, like the vast majority of apps Adobe for iPhone Y iPad, can be downloaded and used completely free of charge. We recommend it since, probably, it is one of the best apps to fill out and sign documents from our iPhone Y iPad.

Download Adobe Fill & Sign and fill and sign the documents from your iPhone or iPad


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