With this app you can create your own widgets for iOS

With this app you can create your own widgets for iOS

The Widgy app is an app with which you can create your own widgets to iOS and to download the most popular and useful ones.

Interesting widget app

At this point it cannot be denied that one of the popular characteristics of iOS 14 it’s the widgets. They have caused great fury and all for the customization they offer and the utility that many of them can have.

That is why, given its popularity, more and more widget apps appear. And today we are talking about one, Widgy, which, while it allows us to download useful and popular widgets, also gives us the option of creating our own widgets for iOS.

Creating your own widgets is a possibility thanks to the Widgy app

When accessing the application we will see different sections. The first of them is the one that gives us the possibility to create our own widgets, but if we continue down we can see widgets created by other users as well as the most popular of the community of the app.

create your own widgets widgy 3

The widget creation screen

To start creating a widget we will have to click on «+ Create New Widgy». By doing this we will access a new screen where we can add layers and, in them, begin to add the elements that we want our widgets to have by choosing between images, icons, or messages that we want to appear.

In addition, if we access «Manage», we can see all the spaces that the app offers and, if we click on one of them, we can choose between popular widgets. Once the widget has been chosen or created, to add it to the home screen we will only have to edit the home screen and add our widget.

create your own widgets widgy 2

Some widgets with very useful information

Widgy It can be downloaded for free, but in order to make use of all the functions and spaces it offers, it is necessary to purchase the full version of the app at a price of € 5.49. If you are looking for an app with which to create your own custom widgets, we recommend it as it is a good option to consider.

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Download the Widgy iOS widget app

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