With this app you can convert text into audio to listen to it

With this app you can convert text into audio to listen to it

Speechbot is an application with which you can convert text to audio to make it more comfortable and listen to them whenever we want.

This app is really useful

Nowadays, listening instead of reading can be much more comfortable, simple and fast. In this sense, you only have to see how WhatsApp audios or voice messages have become popular. And today we are going to talk about an app that will allow us to do that with all the texts we want.

As you read, the application will allow us to transform any text we want into audio. In this way, we can listen to any book, article or anything that is written on our device.

Speechbot allows us to convert text into audio of everything we imagine

For this, the application gives us a series of options. The first one is to search for news from different media so that, once selected, they allow us to reproduce them in audio. We can, of course, configure the voice and the speed of the reproduction and, even, translate the text so that it is reproduced in another language to the original.

convert text to audio speechbot 3

Some news in the app

Among the other options we find the possibility of writing any text we want to reproduce it later, selecting the language in which we write, as well as the possibility of exploring our documents and photos.

Also, Speechbot it also has two extensions. The first one does not allow, from the share menu, to save the articles that we want in the app. And, the second, allows us to convert into audio, directly from the convert menu in different applications.

convert text to audio speechbot 2

The app’s audio player

Speechbot It can be downloaded for free, but if we want to access all its functions, we will have to acquire the Pro version, through integrated purchases that will also give us access to all the other applications of the developers.

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Download Speechbot and listen to all the texts you want

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