With this app you can convert everything you want from iPhone into PDF

With this app you can convert everything you want from iPhone into PDF

The application Readdle PDF Converter allows us to turn into PDF everything we want in a simple way from our iPhone or iPad.

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A great Readdle app

In the world of productivity apps for iPhone and iPad, Readdle she is an old acquaintance. Many of the apps of productivity better known and used in iOS and iPadOS, one of them being the famous application Documents.

And today we are talking about another of its most practical and, at the same time, easiest to use apps. It’s about a converter to PDF that will allow us to convert everything we want in PDF format to save it both in the app and in any other service.

This app to convert PDF files is the most practical and easy to use

For this the app makes use of the extensions that are in iOS and iPadOS. These extensions allow us to carry out different actions and, once we have installed the app, the one belonging to the app.

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This is how the app looks

To save what we want in PDF With this app, whether they are photos or emails or web pages, we only have to access the corresponding app, either Safari or Mail or whatever the app is. When we have what we want to turn into PDF just press the share icon and select «Convert to PDF».

By doing this the app will begin to process what we want to save in PDF format. After a second it will tell us that our PDF is ready and if we choose «Go to Archive«, Will show it to us in the app. From there we can share or save it, as well as organize it. In this simple way we can turn what we want into PDF.

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The extension that allows us to convert into PDF what we want

PDF Converter It is priced at € 5.49, but once purchased it does not include any integrated purchase or subscription. If you are looking for an application with which to transform and save what you want in PDF files, do not hesitate to download it.

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Download PDF Converter and save everything you want in PDF

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