With this app you can change the voice in audios and send them

With this app you can change the voice in audios and send them

The Another Voice Changer app allows us to change the voice into audios and send them to whoever we want through the app we want.

App to change our voice

It is becoming more and more common to find applications of all kinds and for anything that we can imagine. One of them that caught our attention was a app that allowed us to change our voice in the videos for fun. And today we are talking about one that, being very similar, allows us to change our voice into audios to send them.

The application is called Another Voice Changer and its operation is very simple. To start recording audios with the voice changed we have to give access to the microphone and click on the microphone icon in the application.

Another Voice allows us to change the voice in audios with 42 different effects

In doing so we will see that there are more than 40 different voice effects, a total of 42. And, to start recording with the effect we want, we will have to hold it down. In addition, if we put on the headphones, we can listen to ourselves live with the chosen audio effect.

app change the voice in audios another voice changer 3

Some of the available sound effects

When we have finished recording the audio, the app It will give us the option to save it as a favorite in the app itself as well as share it in the social section of the application, where we can listen to audios from other users. But, if we want, we can share our funny audio with the voice changed in any app and social network that we want.

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Further, Another Voice Changer it also has its own app for IOS Messages. From it, if this app is the messaging app that we use to communicate, we can send the audios with the changed voice directly.

app change the voice in audios another voice changer 2

We can see the audios of other users

As you can see, it is a very entertaining app that is very complete. If you want to download it, you can find it in the App Store completely free of charge and without buying integrated. We recommend downloading it at any time, but especially for events such as Halloween or Christmas.

Download the Another Voice Changer app (º O º)

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