With this app you can analyze food and products

With this app you can analyze food and products

With the app The coconut, we will can analyze food and food products to find out if they are considered healthy or if they are not.

Analyze food with this app

We all know that both sports and healthy eating are something to take into account. Both are essential to lead a healthy life and there are numerous apps that provide us with many aspects of both sports and food.

Today we are going to talk about one focused on the second. It is an application called The coconut and, although it’s not completely new, it can be quite useful. And, thanks to it, we will be able to know if the food we consume is considered healthy or not.

The CoCo uses barcodes to analyze food and food products

The application is based on scanning the barcodes of the products. To do this we have to click on the central “button” in the application and the camera will open. Once the camera has been opened we will only have to focus on the barcode of the product and the app will be in charge of analyzing it.

app analyze foods and products coco 1

The result you give from food

When you have analyzed it, it will show us the product’s evaluation. The products are valued at a total of 10 points, but in addition to that, the app shows the nutritional information and the ingredients and additives, as well as the reason why the product is considered healthy or not.

If we want, we can also analyze a product manually. We can do this by pressing the magnifying glass icon and entering the name, brand or product code. In any of the cases, manually or with the camera, the app will also show us healthier alternatives in case the product is not healthy.

app analyze foods and products coco 3

More information about the products

The coconut can be downloaded completely free of charge. Therefore, if you are looking for an app with which to analyze food and products, we recommend downloading it.

Download the El CoCo food app


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