With season 18 of Clash Royale Christmas comes to the game

With season 18 of Clash Royale Christmas comes to the game

The Clash Royale season 18 is already available in the game and, by the dates we are in, makes the Christmas to the game.

A new season of Clash Royale arrives

Like every time a month ends and another begins, there is already a new season in Clash Royale. This time it’s about the season 18 and it is dyed white to celebrate the Christmas season that is getting closer and closer.

In this new season we have the classic novelties that come with the seasons. Among them are the new Legendary Arena, as well as the usual prizes of the Pass Royale. But, in addition, in this new season we have a new menu.

Clash Royale season 18 releases a new Legendary card

Regarding the new Legendary Arena, it has been completely white. In addition to snow, when playing, we find aesthetics and Christmas details such as gift packages, Christmas lights and candy canes among others.

clash royale season 18 christmas mother witch 3

The new Legendary Arena

In the event that we acquire the Pass RoyaleIn addition to the 35 free rewards, we will be able to get another 35, including an emoji and a Christmas look for the towers. But this time Clash royale give away at mark 5 a trunk emoji for all players.

As we have said, a new letter also arrives. This time it’s a letter Legendary, the first since the Fisherman, and it is La Witch Mother. This card has a very interesting mechanic and it is that when attacking it will curse the enemies it attacks. This curse will cause pigs to come out of them when enemies die. Pretty interesting, right?

clash royale season 18 christmas mother witch 2

The challenge to unlock the Mother Witch

We can get the new letter through free challenges. And, in addition to these challenges of the Clash Royale season 18, there will also be more challenges in which to get a lot of rewards. Although balance changes are expected to affect cards, they are not known at the moment.

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What do you think of this new season of Clash Royale and the news that has been including? Did you expect it to be something other than Christmas?


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