With iOS 14.5 we will finally have 5g and DualSIM on the iPhone

With iOS 14.5 we will finally have 5g and DualSIM on the iPhone

We bring you one of the most anticipated news and that is that with iOS 14.5 we will have 5G and DualSIM on the iPhone 12 after so long.

5g and DualSIM

We will finally have 5g and DualSIM

Today we talk about the arrival of 5G to DualSIM with the launch of iOS 14.5. Without a doubt one of the most anticipated options so far.

With the launch of the iPhone 12, we finally saw that long-awaited 5G. That although it is true, it is not quite as the Cupertino showed us, it is true that it brings us something more speed than 4G. The surprise came when having 2 SIM cards configured, this 5G disappeared.

Well, iOS 14.5 completely solves all this and finally brings us the possibility of having 5G with DualSIM.

iOS 14.5 will bring us 5G in DualSIM

From what has been seen on iOS 14.5 Public BetasOne of the novelties that this version will bring will be this one that we are talking about. And from APPerlas we can already tell you that this will not be the only interesting novelty.

But something that we were all waiting for since the launch of the iPhone 12 and seeing that 5G that Apple showed us in its presentation, was this. Being able to enjoy 5G, although we could already do it since its launch, it was impossible to do it on the iPhone 12 that had DualSIM configured.

5g and DualSIM 25g and DualSIM 2

iPhone 12 with DualSIM and without 5G

We don’t understand the reason for this, although it sure had something to do with the battery. What is a reality is that Apple has had to solve this problem, because in the version that we are going to see sooner rather than later, we can configure 2 SIM cards and also have 5G.

Now we just have to wait for Apple to launch this version, which as we have said, will bring some other more important news than this and is closely related to those masks that we all use daily.


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