Windows 10 Bluetooth meter connection error resolution

Windows 10 Bluetooth meter connection error resolution

Setting up a metered connection in Windows 10 is necessary for many users. Whether you have a limited internet connection or just want more control over Windows updates, a limited connection is a useful feature. At least that’s useful until you try to connect your headphones, keyboard, or other Bluetooth device. Then you might get bluetooth meter connection error. The problem isn’t your device but the connection, which is easy to fix.

Why this happens

The connection with bluetooth meter error occurs because Windows 10 tries to automatically download the latest device drivers and updates every time you connect a bluetooth device. This makes setting up a device easier than manually finding drivers, if you even need them.

The problem is, if you have a limited connection, Windows won’t download anything. Since nothing can be downloaded, Windows displays an error stating: “Incomplete configuration due to limited connection.”

Windows 10 Bluetooth counter connection error error resolution

If you turn off your metered connection, you might forget to turn it back on. This leaves free Windows updates to install whether you like it or not. There is a simple workaround, however.

Some devices, such as keyboards and mice, will work even if you get this error. If everything is working fine, you don’t have to change anything. However, you can get the latest device drivers using the method in the next section.

Allow bluetooth downloads

The easiest solution is to allow downloading bluetooth device drivers even with a limited connection. These are usually small files that will not damage your data plan. If you are concerned, check with the device manufacturer for the size of the driver files.

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Go to “Settings -> Devices”.

Windows 10 Bluetooth counter connection error device resolutionWindows 10 Bluetooth counter connection error device resolution

Bluetooth should be the tab open by default, but if not, select “Bluetooth and other devices” from the left pane. Scroll down on the right side until you see “Download over limited connections”. Check the box to allow downloads over limited connections.

Windows 10 Bluetooth Meter Connection Error Downloading FixWindows 10 Bluetooth Meter Connection Error Downloading Fix

Your device (s) should start to pair. If a compatible driver is already on your system, pairing should be almost immediate, if your device is in pairing mode. If Windows 10 needs to download drivers, your device will pair as soon as the download is complete and installed.

Considerations after pairing

This is where things get a little tricky. The Bluetooth meter connection error goes away after your device has been successfully paired. This is the good news. However, if you uncheck the download setting on metered connections, the error reappears the next time you try to pair your device.

Depending on the device, Windows may allow it to pair even without enabling the download setting. For example, I can connect my Logitech mouse and keyboard every time without a problem. However, I cannot pair my Philips speaker without checking the download box. For over a year, Windows hasn’t downloaded anything for my speaker, but Windows still wants to check for updates every time, no matter what.

If you’d rather not leave the setting turned on, create a shortcut to Bluetooth settings on your desktop. Uniform Resource Identifiers allow you to create shortcuts to many Windows settings.

For Bluetooth, right click on an empty area of ​​your desktop and choose New> Shortcut.

Windows 10 Bluetooth counter connection error shortcutWindows 10 Bluetooth counter connection error shortcut

Copy and paste the following into the shortcut location box – ms-settings: bluetooth

Resolving Windows 10 Bluetooth Meter Connection Error LocationResolving Windows 10 Bluetooth Meter Connection Error Location

hurry Next and give your shortcut a name. Then click on the shortcut on your desktop for quick access to Bluetooth settings to enable and disable the download option.

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Continuous error

If the Bluetooth meter connection error persists, you may need to completely disable the measured connection until the device pairs. This rarely happens, but some users have issues with some devices.

When you turn off your metered connection, give your device a few minutes to successfully pair. If you’re worried about updates trying to install, pause Windows Updates to temporarily freeze updates. The default is seven days. This setting can be found under “Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update”. Scroll down until you see “Pause updates for 7 days”. Select this to prevent updates.

Windows 10 Bluetooth Meter Connection Error Fix Suspend UpdatesWindows 10 Bluetooth Meter Connection Error Fix Suspend Updates

Remember to reset your connection as measured once your device has paired. In most cases, your device should continue to pair after this initial setup, although you may need to allow downloads over a limited connection in your Bluetooth settings.


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