Will the US actively prosecute if you’re hacking a foreign nation that the US is against?

I was reading an [article](https://www.darkreading.com/threat-intelligence/do-cybercriminals-fear-arrest/d/d-id/1340490?_mc=NL_DR_EDT_DR_daily_20210324&cid=NL_DR_EDT_DR_daily_20210324&elq_mid=102870&elq_cid=34945931) on Dark Reading’s website which mentioned Russian hackers are less afraid, because if they don’t target Russia or Soviet Union Nations the police leave them alone. I was curious does the US handle it similarly or are hackers prosecuted regardless? i.e. If I were to hypothetically hack a company in Russia or maybe North Korea; if I am discovered would the US just basically say “Don’t try to hack a company in North Korea again” and that’s it? Or Would I face the same consequences as hacking into a company in US?

P.S. I’m not trying to hack a company in NK or RU, I’m not that clever.


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