Wifi hack – override default config

I have a LaCrosse C82929 WiFi Projection Alarm Clock with AccuWeather https://www.lacrossetechnology.com/products/c82929

It used to work with my old Frontier Fios router when I was on 300mbps plan and then I upgraded to 500mbps plan. They got rid of the coax cable and new router/modem. The new router is one of those dual band 2.4/5g.

The LaCrosse weather station uses an app called La Crosse View on the Play Store. The way it works is you hit connect wifi, you scan the barcode on the back of the unit, then you have to be on the same 2.4g band for the app to push the credentials to the unit. After that the unit is connected to wifi and auto updates the time and weather.

The problem and reason for my post is it always fails to connect. Awhile back I looked into this and on their site it simply said to fill out a form and they will ship a replacement unit which they never did. Their customer support is terrible, but I like the product and looking for a way to make it work. I currently have a eero 6 bridged to my fios router/modem. The unit only has a power outlet, the app has no settings to configure anything, and on both routers I’ve tried basically every setting like DMZ to try and allow the connection yet still can’t get it to work.

I am reaching out to this group in hopes someone might have a hacking non-standard approach to make this work or at least a better explanation why it was working 2 years perfectly fine then the new router is unable to connect to it.

I’m not sure if this info is useful or not, it was on the bottom of the unit.

AC6: HX12H-0501500-AU-001
Wifi 2.4 GHz Freq 915 MHz


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