WidgetSmith starts 2021 with these interesting news

WidgetSmith starts 2021 with these interesting news

Our best new app of 2020, Widgetsmith, start the new year with a big update. A version that brings us interesting news that we will comment on below.

WidgetSmith News 2021

WidgetSmith news 2021

Who does not know WidgetSmith, one of the best apps of 2020 and that many users have installed on our iPhone. An application that allows you to configure your home screen to your liking by entering all kinds of Widgets with all kinds of information.

We remember that this is one of the Best Widgets Apps for iPhone and now it is even more so thanks to the following new features that its latest version 2.3 brings

What’s new coming to WidgetSmith in early 2021:

It is clear that the developers of the application listen to their users and see adding the functions that many of us transmit to them. Some have arrived in the latest update and are the following:

  • The app now has a Widget step count that allows us to customize a daily step goal.
Widget that counts our steps

Widget that counts our steps

  • For anyone with a Apple watch, there are also a host of new visualizations for the activity data captured by the handheld.
  • We can also add a Widget Photo that displays current weather conditions along with a selected photo.

They are undoubtedly options very desired by many of us and, before this version, we had to use other apps to put, for example, the Widget step counting.

How to use WidgetSmith:

If you do not know how this application works, in the following video we will explain in a rough way how to configure Widgets on your home screen. Right at the minute 0:24 the moment we talk about it appears:

Without a doubt one of the best applications that have reached the App Store in recent years and thanks to iOS 14 allows us to customize our iPhone at our whim.

Without further ado, we are waiting for you shortly with more news, tutorials, apps … on this website that has been created and designed for users of devices from Manzana like you.



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