Why we discourage a tip from Apple to save battery life

Why we discourage a tip from Apple to save battery life

We tell you the why do we advise against a tip that Apple gives us, on its website, to save battery in the iPhone Y iPad.

to save battery

Save battery by setting screen brightness.

Manzana, on its website, it has enabled a section in which it gives us tips to extend the battery life of our device, especially of our iPhone. Many of them are good advice but there is one that we do not advise you to do. We believe that it will make your mobile consume more battery than it supposedly should.

Specifically, the advice is the one we show you in the following image:

Council appleCouncil apple

Apple tip snippet

East advice to save battery that gives Manzana, It encourages us to activate the automatic brightness option so that the screen changes its brightness according to the light level that we have at all times. When we have a lot of light, the brightness of the screen will increase and when we have little light, the brightness will decrease.

In itself, the function is very good since it adjusts the brightness of the screen to the ambient light. This saves battery, especially when we are in low light conditions.

But the problem is that for the brightness to act automatically, the iPhone uses a light sensor that is constantly on. This causes a drain on the battery that we can avoid very easily. It is the same as with the True tone.

How to turn off automatic brightness to save battery life on iOS:

It is really simple. In very few steps we will be able to deactivate the automatic brightness and, in turn, save batting.

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For this we go to the device settings. Here we look for another with the name of “Accessibility”, from which we will have access to several important functions of the device.

Among them is, right at the top, a tab called “Screen and text size”. Click and, at the bottom of the whole, we will see how the famous activate or deactivate tab appears, with the name of “Automatic brightness”.

Disable automatic brightness

Disable automatic brightness

What we must do to save battery is to deactivate this option so that we can configure the brightness of our iPhone or iPad from the control center. To access it, you already know that you have to slide your finger from top to bottom in the area where the battery level of your device appears, in the iPhone with Face ID, or by swiping from bottom to top from the bottom of the screen in the iPhone with Touch ID.

Brightness in the control center

Brightness in the control center

Done this and following the steps that we have commented, we will see how we save battery in the device and it holds us much longer.

Therefore, you already know one more trick that will help you extend the life of your battery.


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