Who does WhatsApp notify or inform when changing the phone number?

Who does WhatsApp notify or inform when changing the phone number?

Today we are going to give answers to many people who do not know well who informs WhatsApp when changing phone number. If you have ever seen yourself in this situation or if in the future you can face it, surely this article is going to come in handy for you.

Who does WhatsApp notify when changing phone number

Many of us, for whatever reason, change our phone number. Today it is something that can be tortuous since many applications and services can be linked to our old number and change it in all of them … it can be deadly. It is because of that WhatsApp, and other apps, has an option that allows you to link the new number to the old one in order to maintain conversations, contacts, blocked people, etc….

If you don’t know, within the app at Settings / Account / Change number we can carry out this process in a very simple way. But… Who is notified that we have changed our number? You may want me to communicate it to all the people we have in contact with, but … what if not? We will explain more about this below.

Who does WhatsApp inform when changing the phone number ?:

This is something that we will be able to manage ourselves. Everything is linked to the process of changing the number. We open Whatsapp, we go to the place that we have indicated before to make the change, we enter the old and new number (in international format) and we play next.

Change phone number in Whatsapp

Change phone number in Whatsapp

It is now when we have to configure who we want to inform of the change. If you activate Notify Contacts, you can choose the following:

  • All contacts: All the people you have in your contact list will be notified of your change.
  • Contacts with whom I have a chat: Only people with whom you have an open chat will be notified.
  • Personalize: If you select this option, you must search or select the contacts you want to notify. After choosing, touch the validate icon.

We advise that Your groups will be notified when you change the phone number, regardless of whether or not you activate the option to notify contacts.

Can a blocked person see that the number change on WhatsApp ?:

If what interests you is DO NOT notify people you have blocked of the change, the best thing you can do is choose the option Personalize and choose all the contacts except those that you have blocked and those that you do not want to know.

They should not receive any type of notification since you have them blocked, but to avoid any possibility of them finding out, it is better to do it as we mentioned. In addition, we advise you to leave the groups that you can get to share with these people. Once you make the change you can get back into them after a few days, so as not to give clues that it may be you. This is an idea that we give, but that each one acts as well as they want.

We hope we have helped you solve all those doubts that can assail you on WhatsApp when changing your phone number.



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