Who can see my WhatsApp statuses and who can’t

How to see WhatsApp status without being seen [2020]

If you have ever wondered … Who can see my WhatsApp statuses?, You are in the right place. We are going to explain to you that people can see the content you publish in your states.

Who can see my statuses

It is one of the questions that you ask us the most lately. Many users of WhatsApp they are not clear which people can see their statuses. How we see that it is an issue that worries many of you, we are going to reassure you by explaining who can have access to the photos, videos, phrases … that you publish in your statements.

More and more people share content in that section of WhatsApp. The ephemeral publications that made it so fashionable Snapchat, are increasingly used. Many of us use them to share with our contacts, our day to day, our experiences…. A window to our private life that we must control and show only to the people we want.

If you are reading this article, surely this other one interests you: How to see WhatsApp statuses without them noticing.

Who can see my WhatsApp statuses ?:

In the following video on our YouTube channel, we explain everything to you in a very visual way and showing examples. If you are more to read, after the video we explain everything in writing:

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Entering the screen where we can see the statuses of our contacts, we have an option called “Privacy”.

Set privacy

Set privacy

In it we can select the contacts that we want to see our statuses.

  • My contacts: If we select this option, all our contacts will be able to access them.
  • My contacts, except … : In this option we will choose which contacts will not be able to see them.
  • Just share with … : In this option we will select only the contacts that will be able to see our statuses.

That is why this menu makes one thing clear that we want to make very clear. They can only be seen by people who are added to my mobile contacts.

Deleted, deleted or unscheduled contacts will not be able to see my WhatsApp stories:

Only people who have added each other in their contact list will be able to see the status of WhatsApp. Let’s give an example because the subject is somewhat confusing:

  • If I have Pepe added to my contacts and Pepe has me added to his mobile contacts, we will both be able to see each other’s status unless, in the privacy option, one of them excludes the other and does not allow him to access them.
  • Another assumption would be if I have Pepe added in my contacts and Pepe NO He has me added to his mobile contacts. In this case, Pepe will not be able to see my statuses since he can only see the statuses of the people he has in his contact list since only the statuses of the people he has added as contacts appear … or is it just that? Do you see the statuses of a person that you do not have added to your agenda?

A user of WhatsApp You can only see those of the people you have in your contacts. That is why if two people do not have each other added, their status will not be visible.

If you only allow one person to see your statuses, that person will not be reflected that you are only sharing them with them. It is private information that only you will know. The same goes for contacts you exclude. No information about it will appear.

And now you wonder … who does not have me on their mobile ?. To know who of your contacts has you scheduled in their contacts and who doesn’t, read the article that we just linked to you.

The subject is simple but confusing.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments of this tutorial.


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