Which messaging app is better?

Which messaging app is better?

While the rivalry between these giants of the mobile messaging is already somewhat stale, the news that was given at the end of last year, in which it was stated that Whatsapp I would stop protecting our information, again rekindled the friction between the two applications.

WhatsApp vs. Telegram

Of course, both platforms have their pros and cons, and depending on the needs you have as a user, It will be the app that you should choose, however, to make this decision a little easier, in this article we will make a brief comparison between the two, so that you can identify the one with which you feel most comfortable.

We are going to compare it by comparing four aspects of them.

The users:

Of course the way of interacting via message has changed a lot in recent yearsThis is thanks to the advancement of technology and the implementation of new elements such as fiber optics; And just as today the best fiber optic and mobile offer has prevailed over other ways of communicating, the battle between WhatsApp and Telegram does not stop.

However, regarding the number of users, we must say that so far Whatsapp remains in the lead with a great advantage, as it has overcome the barrier of the 2000 million monthly active users, while Telegram it only reaches the 200 million users.

Privacy & Security:

Although both platforms have as objective to facilitate communication between people as much as possible, the ideal thing is that the content of said information is only between the sender and the receiver of the conversation.

Despite this, since both Whatsapp What Telegram they have a system of robust encryption, they do have different characteristics.

On the one hand, the encryption of WhatsApp is end-to-end enabled in all chats, while in Telegram this only happens with private chatswhile normal chats are still encrypted, but not end-to-end.

However, as a point in favor of Telegram we can say that your private chats add a layer of security extra that WhatsApp does not have, with a keyboard in incognito mode, protection against screenshots and self-destructing messages, very interesting elements to consider if you have conversations with sensitive information.

Text chats:

In this aspect there really are not many differences, although in general Whatsapp has been busy staying ahead of the curve when it comes to ways to make written interactions more engaging.

From beating hearts to animated stickers, Whatsapp always one step ahead, though Telegram he always ends up copying and to some extent improving these details.


On the other hand, as for the platform customization, WhatsApp is quite short, since at most you can only change the background colors, while Telegram allows you to make an almost complete modification of your profile, from the colors to the format.

So in this regard, Telegram takes the palms.

In addition to these aspects, doing an analysis of the option you have Telegram to be multiplatform, we can conclude that it is a App much more complete than WhatsApp, however, this product from the family of Facebook continues to monopolize the market.


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