Which Apple Mail alternative is better on iPhone

Which Apple Mail alternative is better on iPhone

IOS 13 update was a nightmare for Apple. It has brought tons of problems for the user, and also broken essential services like Apple Mail for many. The majority are already researching Alternatives to Apple Mail. In our research, we came across two excellent options for Apple Mail messaging on iOS, Outlook and Spike.

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Microsoft bought the famous Acompli email application and renamed it Outlook Mail. After a while, the software giant acquired another productivity tool called Sunrise Calendar and integrated its functions into the Outlook messaging application. As a result, it’s one of the best messaging apps on the iOS platform.

Spike Mail takes a different path to attract users. It eliminates unnecessary items from the mail and only displays information relevant to the user. Their unique approach has won them many users in no time.

In this article, we will compare Outlook and Spike on the user interface, features, calendar add-on, theme, price, etc. Let’s start.

Calendar integration

As I mentioned before, Outlook provides a solid calendar experience in the app. It recently earned a spot in our top five calendar apps for the iOS list. In addition to the base event, you can also import event entries from Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist.

Outlook calendar

Outlook 2 calendar

The interesting calendar is a great addition. Users can add cricket, tennis, basketball and soccer sporting events. They can also integrate the TV series schedules by region.

The Spike calendar add-on is pretty basic. You can tap in the upper left corner and select the calendars to make them available in the app. When adding an event, you can add details such as the event name, time, notes, attachment, URL, etc.

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Peak calendar

Spike 2 calendar

Features galore

Microsoft Outlook allows you to add a custom signature. It also supports the iOS widget and the long press menu for composing new mail, a new event or displaying the calendar. I like the addition of a filter menu and a powerful search. It quickly takes you to the mail you are looking for.

Other features include support for Siri shortcuts, Face protection for an extra layer of security and the ability to open web links in the browser of your choice. Being a Microsoft product, it synchronizes perfectly with the Microsoft To-Do application. You can mark an e-mail in Outlook, and it will be saved in the Report e-mail section in the task management application.

Outlook widget

Outlook siri

I use it all the time. I mark my credit card statement and set a reminder to pay the bill in the Microsoft To-Do app.

The biggest feature of Spike is the way it handles email conversations between you, your friends or your family. It removes unnecessary items and presents it only in a chat / media manner.

Spike conversation

Point group

You can also create groups and have a group chat via email, and Spike will give the impression of a normal group chat from an instant messaging application. Other features include support for Face ID, swipe gestures, and repeat email.


Microsoft Outlook is completely free. However, the Mac desktop app requires an Office 365 subscription. Spike is mostly free for personal use. There is a Pro version which costs $ 6 per month. With this, you get automated rules, video conferences, voice meetings, unlimited group chats, and more.

Reach zero inbox

As you can see in the comparison above, Outlook and Spike are a great alternative to the Apple Mail. Outlook bypasses Spike with the targeted inbox, better calendar integration and better user interface. Spike is simply better for conversational and group emails. The overall organization is superior to Microsoft Outlook.

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Apple Calendar is another Apple app with a below average user interface and functionality. Read the post below to find the best alternatives for this.

Last updated March 30, 2020


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