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Which app should you use

by David
Which app should you use

As social distance quickly becomes the norm and homework has become mandatory, video calling has become the new norm. And here, WhatsApp video calls don’t need to be presented. It was designed for occasional use, and this little feature makes it as easy to make calls as a real phone call. Houseparty is another app that is quickly becoming popular.

Launched in 2016, this awesome app allows you to not only catch up with your friends on video calls, but also play games with them. Since the start of the pandemic, Houseparty has seen over 50 million registrations, well, that begs the simple question – is it better than WhatsApp video calling?

Well, that is what we will find out in our comparison today by comparing WhatsApp with Houseparty.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Supported devices and platforms

One of the main advantages of WhatsApp is that you can open the web version of the chat on your browser and chat. Whether uploading an image or creating a new group, WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp application (for Windows and macOS) managed them without problem.

However, for video calls, you will only need to take into account your tablet or smartphone. Yes, you can only make video calls from your smartphone or tablet.

On the other hand, Houseparty has a nifty Chrome extension that lets you play games or make calls directly from your laptop or PC, as long as you have a working webcam with you.

Apart from that, there is the usual method via your phone or tablet to initiate a video call.

Video call functions

Now that we’ve fixed that, let’s take a look at the video calling features.

In the case of WhatsApp, honestly, you don’t get much. There is the option of making a call directly or making a group call, and that’s it. On the upside, several tiny features add to the experience.

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On the one hand, it is very simple to make a video call. You have to tap the video icon at the top, and that’s it.

Apart from that, it is very convenient to switch between an audio call and a video call. In addition, you are notified of missed calls and, like any telephone log, you can view the call history or erase your call records.

On the other hand, Houseparty handles calls a little differently. As soon as you open the application, your friends will be informed that you are in the house, and therefore the name. And the same goes for your friends – when they open the app, you will receive a notification that they are in the house.

So if you want to make a call, tap on the contact’s name. The original thing about Houseparty is that your other friends can come and plant your party. So if you want to have a “private chat”, make sure to lock the room.

Like WhatsApp, you can also add multiple people to a call. The nifty Plus icon at the top of your screen lets you do this. In addition, there is the possibility of initiating text chats with your contacts.

However, Houseparty does not keep track of calls like WhatsApp. But for an app designed for occasional use, I don’t think that should be of concern.

What happens when a call is in progress

So, what happens when you are already in video communication?

If you are on a WhatsApp call and you receive another call via WhatsApp, you will be notified by a notification at the top. You can either choose to answer it directly, or disconnect it.

If you remember, before, a WhatsApp call disconnected if you receive a call on the cellular network.

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As mentioned earlier, anyone on your friend list can join your video call if you keep your room unlocked on Houseparty.

Group calls

“This is the age of group calls. Make a plan and bring all your friends together in one call, and you can chat at sunset. So here the main question is how many people you can involve in your glorious plan.

At the time of writing, WhatsApp allows you to add only four contacts to you. You can add them individually or add them directly from a group, and the choice is yours.

Compared to other video conferencing apps, WhatsApp allows one of the weakest participants in a group call. However, do not be discouraged as there are plans to increase this number.

Unlike this, Houseparty allows you to have a larger number of participants on your calls. If we are talking about numbers, you can have 8 participants in one room. Talk about blowing the roof of a house virtually.

The best thing about Houseparty is that you can have your share of fun in these calls. If you feel like it, you can play a variety of games. This application hosts four games, namely Guac, Quick Draw, Heads Up and Trivia (see Awesome Online Board Games). Simply press the Dice icon at the top to launch the launch.

Did you know: Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, acquired Houseparty in 2019.

Privacy and Security

If you like tech news, you must have heard of the privacy issues associated with Houseparty. Many users have accused hackers of accessing their premium Netflix and Spotify accounts after installing Houseparty.

So far, Houseparty has rejected these claims and even offered a $ 1 million bonus for information regarding these rumors and misinformation.

According to the people at Forbes, don’t worry about cybersecurity. But yes, Houseparty collects a huge amount of data. So be careful with what you provide when you register.

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On the other hand, WhatsApp bundles end-to-end encryption, and the conversation between you and your friends is private, and no one else can listen to them. The best thing?

No one can interrupt your conversation halfway without your permission. Call me old-fashioned, but this is how I like my calls to go, whether it’s an audio call or a video chat.

It’s party time

So which app should you use? You must have both applications on your phone and use them as needed. If you want to have fun and play games via video chat (it’s more lively this way), Houseparty is the app for you. The app interface looks a bit complicated at first, but you’ll get there soon.

Party sessions were locked and you should be sorted. The call quality is excellent, as is the video quality.

For meaningful conversations with friends and family, you can turn to WhatsApp video calls for its simplicity, ease of use, and end-to-end encryption. Video quality can sometimes be pathetic, even if you are connected to broadband Internet.


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Last updated on April 25, 2020


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