WhatsApp won’t force you to accept its terms and conditions yet

WhatsApp won't force you to accept its terms and conditions yet

WhatsApp It is not going to force all of us to agree to its abusive new terms and conditions of use just yet and is postponing the date for it.

A few days ago we let you know that WhatsApp had implemented some new quite abusive terms and conditions of use. By accepting them, we allowed the instant messaging app to share part of our data with Facebook.

This did not sit very well with many of its users and it generated quite a controversy. To the extent that WhatsApp had to issue a statement by which he specified that he would not share our conversations or the files we send with Facebook.

The new date to accept the WhatsApp terms and conditions is May 15

But, the controversy has reached such a point that WhatsApp has decided that it will not force its users to accept these terms and conditions of use for the time being. The deadline to accept them was February 8th and, if they were not accepted, the app could not continue to be used. But since WhatsApp they have decided to postpone that date.

The new date on which these new terms and conditions of use will come into force and that must be accepted in advance to continue using the app will be the 15 th of May. All this, undoubtedly due to the controversy they have caused.


The new terms and conditions of use of WhatsApp

And it is necessary to bear in mind that, since the new terms and conditions of use of WhatsApp, the controversy was served. So much so that rivals like Telegram o Signal, began to considerably increase their number of users. Something that, surely, that WhatsApp did not sit well at all.

What do you think WhatsApp Have you decided to postpone the new acceptance date for your controversial new terms and conditions of use? Of course, it is a much more realistic and less hasty date. And, who knows, maybe after the controversy, since WhatsApp and Facebook decide not to include these new terms for the instant messaging app.


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