WhatsApp will use the statuses to report and so you can silence it

WhatsApp will use the statuses to report and so you can silence it

WhatsApp has chosen to appear in the states to give information about your service, platform, news…. A step they have taken to reassure their users and try to minimize the impact of the latest news coming from this platform Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp will inform through their statuses

There is a before and after the announcement of the new WhatsApp Terms of Service. Apparently they did not expect that a large number of users have downloaded other applications to be able to migrate to them and leave WhatsApp. This has made its developers take the step of providing information through the states to reassure users and to report all the news that the app brings in its future versions.

This is something that Telegram It has been a long time ago and that, at least we, we appreciate very much. Being able to know all the news that an update brings and not depending on the paltry description that, for example WhatsApp, offers in the App Store, It is a point that comes from pearls to know first-hand the news.

These are the WhatsApp statuses and so they can be silenced:

These are the first four statements that have been sent to premiere their stories:

WhatsApp StatusWhatsApp statuses

First states that WhatsApp sends

This information will not interest many people and will surely try mute status. Well, if you try to do it the “traditional” way, sliding the tab of the states of WhatsApp from right to left, you cannot.

To silence them you must press and hold their status tab and then the option to silence will appear:

Mute WhatsApp statuses

Mute WhatsApp statuses

To see silenced states we will have to click on that tab, we will see that the states appear with a “diluted” color and by clicking on them we can see them.

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