WhatsApp will suggest stickers automatically

WhatsApp tests a function to review audios before sending them

Since WhatsApp They are testing a new function in the app by which it will automatically suggest stickers that we can use.

New features come to WhatsApp

More and more functions are being discovered through WhatsApp betas. Something totally normal, if the most used instant messaging app wants to catch up with its main competitors.

And in one of its latest betas, a very interesting function has been discovered that, in addition, can be quite useful. This is a function whereby WhatsApp will suggest us in our chats automatically stickers.

The suggestion of stickers in WhatsApp will be done in a quite intuitive way

This suggestion of stickers It will not be done randomly, on the contrary. The application will detect the words that we write in the message and from them it will show us the related stickers that we have “installed” in the app.

The way to do it will be quite simple. When the app detects a word for which we have a sticker installed, the icon with which we can access the stickers he will be smiling. And, if we click on this icon we will see all the stickers that are related to the first word of the sentence.

suggestions stickers whatsapp 1

This is how the icon will change in the app

As with the vast majority of news from WhatsApp that are being discovered through betas, it cannot be guaranteed that this function will arrive definitively or, if it does, when it will finally arrive.

What do you think about this possible function of WhatsApp? The truth is that it is quite interesting and that it can be quite useful as is the case with the iOS function that detects words and automatically suggests emojis.


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