WhatsApp will share data with Facebook, and you will not be able to deny

WhatsApp will share data with Facebook, and you will not be able to deny

We show you all the information regarding the news that has come to light, in which WhatsApp will share data with Facebook.

WhatsApp will share data

Be careful because WhatsApp will share information with Facebook

Today we are going to talk about the news of the information shared by WhatsApp on Facebook. Something to We cannot refuse and if we do, our account will be deleted.

The truth is that when Facebook took over WhatsApp services, we already knew that sooner or later, this was going to hurt us in something. And there is no social network in which more data is shared than on Facebook, either with or without our consent.

In this case, it is no longer about Facebook, on the contrary, it is the most downloaded messaging app in the world and which is found on all mobile devices.

WhatsApp will share data with Facebook

As well as indicate our title, WhatsApp is going to start sharing our information. It is already known by all that Facebook lives from advertising, in that advertising are all our data and how to send us such advertising that interests us.

It is also true that on many occasions it has raised alarms with this social network, for appropriating our data without our consent. Well, in this case we are going to allow them to do this, because in short and so that we all understand, either we accept their new policy, or we will not be able to use the app.

It is likely that many have already missed this message when entering WhatsApp, in which they indicate that as of February 8, 2021, this new privacy policy will take effect.

WhatsApp will share information 1WhatsApp will share information 1

Information that appears when entering the app

Therefore, from that date, if we do not accept, we will not be able to use this messaging app again. But everything does not end here …

To all users in Europe, will not be affected by this new policy, since the regulations of GDPR data protection does not allow to make such changes and therefore, appropriate this data. This means that if you are from Europe, you do not have to worry about anything, since this new WhatsApp and Facebook policy does not affect that continent at all.

Currently, Facebook does not use the information in your WhatsApp account to improve your experiences with Facebook products or to provide you with more relevant ads on the platform. This is the result of discussions with the Irish Data Protection Commission and other data protection authorities in Europe.


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