WhatsApp will notify you of your next news through the app

WhatsApp already allows you to make payments and send money between users

Soon WhatsApp It will implement a function with which it will notify of the next news that will arrive through the application itself.

New feature in WhatsApp

Little by little WhatsApp it is making more improvements and adding more functions. And is that, despite being the most used instant messaging application, in some aspects it is still very much behind some of its competitors.

The news and improvements that they are adding are very varied and, in most cases, useful. And today we know that they plan to add an upcoming feature that can be quite useful. It is a function with which you will notify of news and new functions through the app.

This feature shouldn’t take too long to appear in the final version of WhatsApp

This has discovered thanks to various beta phases of the application. In them you can see how the news or statement that the developers of the company want to send will appear in the Chat section of our WhatsApp application app.

Pressing it would open a kind of pop-up tab in which we could see the news, news, statement, etc. And this pop-up tab could include external links that would lead to the website of WhatsApp where you could find more data or information.

whatsapp news app notifications

The Chats section with the new feature

While this feature appears to be being tested in some beta phases, it is expected to be finalized for all users shortly. And it is that the intention of WhatsApp It seems to be making use of them to advertise and that users accept the new Terms and Conditions of use of the app.

This new “function”, which could appear shortly to accept the new Terms and Conditions, seems to us the most useful since it is like this WhatsApp You will be able to reach many more people to announce your news as you do now through communications on your official website. In any case, what do you think they are going to implement this?

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