WhatsApp will let us pass chats between platforms

WhatsApp will let us pass chats between platforms

WhatsApp is testing a new function with which it will allow us to pass and transfer our chats between different platforms.

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A new feature is coming to WhatsApp

Make a backup of our chats WhatsApp in iPhone it is something that is very simple. And it is that, the application of WhatsApp for iPhone has its own tool that allows us to carry them out and transfer them to a new iPhone.

Not only that, but we can also do them by making a simple copy of our iPhone both in iCloud like on a computer. Of course, things get complicated when we want to transfer those chats from WhatsApp to a device from another platform such as Android.

This new WhatsApp function will allow you to transfer chats between iPhone and Android

But this could change since a new function has been discovered in one of the beta phases of WhatsApp with which we could easily transfer and pass all our chats and data from Android to the application itself. iPhone and vice versa.

Although it is not known how the final operation of this function will be, we can see in the image that the function exists. In it we can see appears, at the top of a version of iPhone «Move chats to Android» and, we assume that, once the app to the version of the function, this would guide us through the whole process.

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The new WhatsApp feature

As is often the case with news from WhatsApp that are appearing in the beta phases, it is still too early to know if it will finally see the light and will reach all users and, if it does, when it will be.

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But, we are almost certain that WhatsApp You will end up implementing this function definitively since it is a highly demanded function and it would greatly simplify the change of device. What do you think of this future function of WhatsApp?


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