WhatsApp already allows you to make payments and send money between users

WhatsApp will implement temporary messages in the app

WhatsApp has officially confirmed that temporary messages that self-destruct will reach the instant messaging application.

A new feature is coming to WhatsApp shortly

One of the most used instant messaging apps is, without a doubt, WhatsApp. And, although they arrive with a dropper, more and more news is coming to this application. If a few days ago we told you about the possible implementation of the support in the app and the search for stickersToday we are talking about a very interesting novelty.

We are talking specifically about temporary messages that self-destruct. Some time ago it was rumored the possibility that this function would come to the app, and now references to these have been found messages that disappear on WhatsApp web.

The date on which the temporary messages will arrive to WhatsApp is not yet known

From what it seems, once this function is available, in order to use this type of message, the option will have to be activated in the application’s Settings. Once activated, we can start using them, although we cannot configure them to our liking. In addition, although they can be activated by any user for any chat, in groups only the administrator can do so.

Temporary messages will have a set duration, which cannot be changed, of 7 days. After seven days the messages sent since the activation of the function, will disappear from the chat to which they were sent. But it is possible that in the notification sent by the app keep getting the message.

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The configuration of the messages that disappear in WhatsApp

In case of forwarding a message to a chat with temporary messages disabled, the message will remain. And the same will happen with the images and videos that, although they will disappear after 7 days, they will remain downloaded if they have been downloaded.

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At the moment, and despite this official confirmation, it is not known when this new function will arrive in the instant messaging application. We hope it will be soon, but in any case, we will keep you informed of all the news.

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