WhatsApp will give technical support from the app itself

We will have 3 audio playback speeds in WhatsApp

Since Whatsapp They are testing the possibility of giving us technical support against errors and doubts from chats in the application itself.

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A new function will come to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is probably the most used instant messaging app in the world. That is why, despite going somewhat slowly, new functions always end up arriving that make the application more useful and easy to use.

The novelties are not always new functions, although many times yes. There are also news that what they do is improve the operation and service of the application. And that future novelty that has been discovered goes down that path.

WhatsApp will answer our questions and problems from the app itself

As it has been discovered in one of the betas of the application, Whatsapp you are planning to support users through the application itself. This support would be used to help with questions or errors that may arise when using the application.

In this way, once we accessed from Whatsapp to Configuration and Help, when the function is operative, if we press «Contact us», Whatsapp would give us the option to write the problem we have and inform us that we would receive the answer through a chat on the app.

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The new way to contact WhatsApp

Until now, by doing that, the app allowed us to send and notify our problem by email, but once this function is enabled, that option seems to disappear, giving way to this faster and more effective form of contact.

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If this function were to become a reality, it would be much easier both to contact Whatsapp in case we have errors or doubts when using the app and how the application technicians themselves could give us a solution to our problems.

Of course, it is a very interesting function and that we, personally, hope that it finally reaches the app. What do you think of this new form that you are testing since Whatsapp to help your users?


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