WhatsApp will finally disable accounts if the terms are not accepted

WhatsApp will finally disable accounts if the terms are not accepted

It seems that in the end WhatsApp will begin disabling the accounts of people who choose not to accept its latest controversial terms and conditions of use.

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The new terms and conditions of WhatsApp continue to turn. And it is that, yesWell, recently we informed you that it seemed that nothing was happening for not accepting these new terms and privacy policy, it seems that finally it will not be like that.

As it has been known, it seems that finally WhatsApp will do something with those who decide not to accept the terms and conditions. From what it seems, finally, through various measures, it will make the WhatsApp account totally useless.

WhatsApp will make our account lose functions until it can not be used

First, it will start by constantly showing the notice that we must accept the new terms and conditions. If, after this, users still do not accept the terms, the application of WhatsApp will start not letting us use certain features.

Initially, the application will prevent us from accessing the list of our chats and, therefore, we can chat with other people. In this phase we will be able to receive calls and video calls and, if we have the notifications activated, we will be able to see and respond to the messages.

statement whatsapp 2021

The statement issued by WhatsApp

But, finally, after a few weeks with these limited functions, the app will prevent all kinds of notifications from arriving. In this way the app will be totally unusable, although yes, it will not be completely eliminated from the servers of WhatsApp. And, the only option to recover it, will be to accept the terms and conditions.

In any case, as we have already mentioned previously and although the terms and conditions are very controversial, if you live in the Union European you shouldn’t worry about them. This is so thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation.

It prevents applications belonging to the same company from sharing our data. That is why, seeing this we recommend you accept the terms and conditions since if you are within the EU they will not affect you and, not accepting them, would mean having to stop using WhatsApp.


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