WhatsApp will allow you to add contacts more quickly

WhatsApp will allow you to add contacts more quickly

WhatsApp You are testing a new way to add contacts faster without giving or adding your phone number.

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New way to add contacts to WhatsApp

The most used instant messaging app, WhatsApp, improves more and more. It is true that, in some respects, it is behind its competitors. But every time it is adding more functions, to make the app more useful for its users.

And, from the looks of it, since WhatsApp They are working on a new way to add contacts. This new form would be much faster and easier than we are used to, avoiding the exchange of the mobile number to add or be added as contacts.

Adding contacts to WhatsApp through QR code is a function found in one of the app’s betas

This new form that, although it is not new and is already implemented in other apps, if it would be for WhatsApp. And it is, specifically, the possibility of adding contacts by scanning a code QR own for each user of the app.

qr code whatsapp 1qr code whatsapp 1

Where will be found in QR code

The code QR each user could be found in the Settings of the application, next to the name and photo. And, when pressed, two functions would appear. The first of them would show our code QR, accompanied by our photo and username. Just by showing it, the person who wants to add us as a contact could scan it.

The other function is to scan someone else’s code. In this way we could add someone as a contact just by focusing the code QR from the other person, who has to show it from the application itself WhatsApp.

qr code whatsapp 2qr code whatsapp 2

Code and scan it

As usual with these functions, it has been found in one of the WhatsApp betas And while it is being tested, it is a feature that may or may not reach users. It is still too early to know if this will be one of the functions that will arrive in the final version, but it can be quite useful. What do you think?

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