WhatsApp will allow us to choose the quality of our videos and photos

WhatsApp will allow us to choose the quality of our videos and photos

Since WhatsApp They are testing a feature so that we can choose the quality with which we send our photos and videos.

What’s new in WhatsApp

It is more than clear that WhatsApp It is used today for many functions beyond chatting. One of them is, without a doubt, to send photos or videos of any kind to our friends and contacts through chats.

But this has always had a downside. And it is that, from the beginning of the app, when sending a photo or video via WhatsApp content was losing quality. That is why many iPhone users have opted for other options such as, for example, AirDrop.

The quality of the photo or video will be chosen by whoever submits the content

But this inconvenience of the instant messaging app may be coming to an end. This is what we can see and understand from one of the latest developments for the app that developers are planning to add.

Specifically, it is a function that would allow us to choose the quality with which we send our photos or videos to our contacts. In this way, the photos and videos that we send via WhatsApp they would not lose quality or smudge.

quality photos videos send whatsapp

This feature, in development and in the testing phase, would allow us to choose between three different quality options. The first of them would be the automatic one, with which the app would choose the size and quality, while the second would allow us to send it with the best possible quality and, the third, with a “low” quality to save data and space.

From what it seems, we can also choose this every time we send a photo or video, but we imagine that there will be an option to configure them by default. Of course, who will choose the quality would be the one who sends the content and not the one who receives it.

Of course, it is a very interesting novelty and one that many of us hoped so that we would not have to use alternative methods to send photos and videos. What do you think of this future novelty that will come to WhatsApp?


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